Mechanics Liens

The attorneys at Morris, Sullivan & Lemkul have over 40 years of combined experience handling Mechanics Lien and Surety cases.


Mechanics Liens/Surety

A mechanic's lien is a "hold" against your property that, if unpaid, allows a foreclosure action, forcing the sale of your home. It is recorded with the County Recorder's office by the unpaid contractor, subcontractor or supplier. Sometimes liens occur when the prime contractor has not paid subcontractors or suppliers. Legally, the homeowner is ultimately responsible for payment - even if they have already paid the prime contractor.


We have over 40 years handling Mechanics Liens

Mechanics Lien law is very complicated and proper prosecution, or defense, of a Mechanics' Lien claim requires careful and close attention to detail. The attorneys at Morris, Sullivan & LemkulĀ®, LLP have over 40 years of combined experience handling Mechanic's Lien and Surety cases.

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